Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The End of Autumn + The Hunger Games : Catching Fire Review

Black Coat - ZARA
Black Boots - Topshop
Red Muffler - H&M
Red Beret - Unbranded

Winter is coming!! Brace yourself everyone, take out your coat!
Sometimes I'm wondering how some blogger could take a picture in winter with snow while wearing thin outerwear, no coat and sometimes no outerwear at all!! Meanwhile, it's still around 5-degree celcius here yet I can't even go out without a coat!
Dear bloggers, can you please tell me your secret? Sincerely, frozen me.

Few days ago, November 21st to be exact, finally after long long long anticipation, I watched The Hunger Games : Catching Fire. So yes, I'm gonna write a review about it, and yes, it's gonna be really fangirl-ish, so bear with me ;)
I'm one of those Hunger Games avid reader and to be honest, I was pretty disappointed with the first movie since I feel that the movie didn't really do justice to the book. So I was really sensitive about this second installment plus, Catching Fire is my favorite out of 3 so the movie better be awesome or else.
And boy, that was one of the best movie I've ever watched!

They stay true to the book, 90% exactly the same. Some parts are even SO MUCH BETTER than I expected. Seriously, as I'm writing this review my heart still can feel the pain. Mad props to Francis Lawrence for directing one of the best movie adaptation ever! I can wait in peace now that I know that Mockingjay is in a good hand.
And again, well done Jennifer LawrenceJosh Hutcherson and Woody Harrelson. I think one of the most essential part that makes Catching Fire a great movie is the splendid acting from the casts. Jennifer as usual did a very good job, Josh also did a very great job delivering Peeta's character, exactly like in the book. And Woody, dude, Woody is amazing!! He's always amazing since day one but well, that reaction when he heard about what's gonna happen on this year Quarter Quell, that's pure gold, pure stabs into my heart. Oh yeah, and of course, Elizabeth Banks!! "Chins up, smiles on!" Okay that line officially forever stucked in my head. Well done Effie.
Not that I don't like Liam Hemsworth, I think he did great potraying Gale but I just don't like Gale's character that much (sorry girls) that it disables me to like Gale's appearance in the screen. But I still think fine is an understatement for Liam's hotness anyway. LOL

It's much better than I thought it would be!! Perfection. That's the word.

If I write all the parts that I love and freaked about, it would be one whole page long and you'll hate me. So, go watch it by yourself and tell me what you guys think? ;)


  1. Love the part when you said "sincerely, frozen me." Hahaha :D
    I watched catching fire too last week :D and it's sooo worth it for skipping class (rasanya udah mulai terbiasa titip absen deh :'D) Ada beberapa yang nggak begitu sama kayak di buku sih. tapi masih mendingan daripada film pertama.

    big hug,

  2. you look pretty in red !

  3. They take the pictures on summer and use fake snow.

  4. lovel your winter outfit!

  5. Pretty! Super pretty! I love what you're wearing from head to toe. And I love your hair too. Thank you for your support through your lovely comment on my blog :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  6. Love the coat and the red hat :D


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  8. lovely blog :)

  9. hahaha, I always wonder the same thing! Its freezing!!! :)
    Love ur hat, looks beautiful on you !


  10. You're definitely freezing in style!! Haha. Love the beret btw. And thanks for dropping by :)

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  11. well, to be honest i don't read the book coz it looks freakin' thick too me lol. but i must agree with you that the second part was amazing! i'm in love with the story plot & just cnt wait for the third one! loving your shawl's colour anyway ;)