Thursday, October 3, 2013

Seoul - Part 3 & My Weight Issue

Printed Dress - H&M
Necklace - Gaudi
Neon Yellow Box Clutch - Random shop in Bangkok
Neon Yellow Flats - Random shop in Bangkok 

This is the last part of my last month's trip to Seoul and this is, N Seoul Tower! 

 The view from the cable car

The infamous Love Padlock.  

Instead of locked a padlock, me and my boyfriend got this couple rings. I always want to have this kind of simple unisex ring.
The korean words that were engraved on there are korean spelling of our names. So mine was my BF's name. It is kinda cheesy to use korean words to be honest but since we got these in korea, might as well use the native language right?

Anyway if you still with me till this part, thank you. I just want to share my worries these days.
Lately, I've been kind of stressed out with my weight in case you haven't notice. I've been pretty skinny practically through my whole life so I've never been under strict diet or anything because I did a lot of sports and dance before I came to Korea.
But now, I've gained 6 kilos (around 13 pounds) these past 6 months since I got to Korea. The food portion here is BIG and I generally have big appetite, not a good combination. On top of that, lack of sport and dance activities here also playing a big part.
People may say, it's okay, you're healthy this way, etc. but it's hard to feel that way, mainly because I live in Korea.
When you see those Kpop girlbands like Girls' Generation, you might think that they're skinny because they're entertainers but NO! 90% of the girls here are Girls' Generation-level skinny (or even skinnier)!!! How am I supposed to not feel bad about myself?? Believe it or not, it's pretty hard to find Korean girl who's fatter than me here.
I'm trying to go on diet but it's so hard.. I can't hold myself to keep chewing any food I see. 
I don't know guys, I'm still trying. I feel really sad everytime I try to fit into my old jeans or seeing my size keeps going up.
I'm gonna try. Like seriously, solemnly dedicate myself to lose these fats. Wish me luck guys.

By the way, if you follow my instagram you might noticed that I dyed my hair to brown with blonde shades few weeks ago. So this would be my last post with my brown ombre-ish hair. 

Love, Andreina


  1. emang turunannya orang-orang sini susah bisa gendut giit... kakinya sumpit2 wkwkwk

  2. I think you look fine just the way you are :) Maybe do more exercise and don't take anything heavy after 8pm? Love your couple rings by the way! I think it's really cute ^^

    xx Mandy

  3. You look great. But I won't say that you should stop diet because I feel that too this lately. It really is frustating. In the beginning of this year, I was still 68 kilos :O I was doing diet even until I reach 46 right now. I don't know maybe I'm kind of obsessed. Or it just a traumatic of being obesity and bullied because of that. My mother told me the opposite and said that I have to eat more often and gain some weight now. It's funny because a year ago she kept telling me to stop eating and start doing exercise. I just can't stop the feeling of regret after eat something because I'm afraid to gain anymore weight :(

  4. You look so girly and chic!
    I love girly look because it makes we girls more beautiful
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    Ichi and Pristan

  5. nice outfit!
    i was like that too in high school(ate a whole lot without thinking), but managed to get back on track.
    you can do it gitaaaa :DD

  6. Dear I think you are not fat at all. =) But i really understand that feeling! LOL If you are go on diet, just make sure that you have healthy diet. Love your dress in this post. And so envy you for living in Korea =( Hahahahaha

  7. you look so fabulous! you shouldn't have a weight issue :D you are stunning! ^^)


  8. Ouhhhh neon <3
    Anw i've followed you back on instagram ;)

  9. Beautiful dress and that combination with neons <3

  10. nice dress
    oh, and replying ur comment, that london bag is gift from my boyfie. I just know he bought it when he went to Bangkok, but not exactly know the store :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  11. woww seoul looks jst amazing! wanted to go there sometime ;) were the food great? then, it's acceptable if you gained weight right? hihi. anw, are koreans really skinny - skinny or done some operation to be that skinny? lol


  12. hi! Glad to have found your blog! well, good place means good pics! Love the clutch anyway <3

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  14. lovely bog <3

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  15. great post :)
    following you on GFC, follow back? :)

  16. I love your Seoul posts! Great stories and pictures <3
    Anyway about the Korean skinny girls, yes they are so true. A friend I know who is currently living in Seoul have this body-weight-serious-problem. She's now sooo skinny and I was shocked! It's all because she lives in a circle push her to lose weights. Sorry for the long comment but you are not that fat, I love to eat too, we should do some exercises instead (:

    Have a great day!