Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Watches as Part of Fashion?

Inspiration comes from everywhere.
Until few years ago, I had always found wearing watch is irritating. The thought of wearing watch for day and night bothered me than it supposed to. I mean, we have our phone all the time, if we want to know what time is it, we can just check our phone, as simple as that. But as I'm getting busier, I realised how crucial watch is. It really is convenient; and now that I wear watch in daily basis, I noticed how this simple watch can set the whole outfit's mood.

TOPSHOP - Snake Jacquard Bralet
Carolina Herrera - Women's Wide-Leg Pants
Casadei Venice Pumps
Jennifer Zenner Katia - Heart & Arrow Necklace with Diamond
MAC Lipstick
Oscar De La Renta Live In Love
Zenith "El Primero" No. 1, 39 mm, circa 1995

The watch that I use above is actually a men's watch that I found in Invaluable.com’s Men's watch section. I know it's uncommon for woman to wear men's watch but I can't help it, they look good; I even find several watches that I'm considering to purchase for my dad. Invaluable.com is a great auction website where you can find a variety of items up for auction. If you are looking for a timeless item, I would consider checking it out!

Love, Andreina

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One Less Problem Without You

Halloween is honestly one of my favorite holiday. Not because of the crazy party and all but I'm actually enjoying the dressing up part. How fun it is that we actually got the chance to be someone (or something) else for one night; or for this year's case, two nights.
This year, halloween night is exactly at Friday, usually it's always on weekdays so I always celebrate it prior to the 31st. But this year, we decided to celebrate it twice! Double the fun. So this is my pre halloween costume; and as usual, I made it by myself.

I noticed one thing. Unless you're keen on pop culture, you probably wouldn't know who I was dressing up as.
It was Ariana Grande in Problem.
Yup. This is the costume that she wore in the music video complete with her signature hairstyle and make up.
Of course if we're talking about Problem, we need our favorite rapper, Iggy Azalea and my roommate was dressing up as her!
(Sorry for the quality though)

It's Iggy Iggs!

To conclude, it was fun, not as crazy as last year though... I am getting old. Can't wait for this week's halloween anyway, expect something creepy!
For now, here is few photos from the party. (Again, I know some of the photos' quality pretty suck)


Love, Andreina

Monday, October 20, 2014

Alexander Wang For H&M : Boxing Gloves and Beyond

Fashion world went gaga when Alexander Wang and H&M announced their collaboration back in April at Coachella. I still remember freshly how ecstatic I was back then.
Now, here they are!

Track field runway and parkour guys flying around as the opening. Just by a glimpse of it, we know what we're signing up for.
Extreme Sports.
This is exactly what I've (Or we've) expected from Wang for H&M. He's always known for his ability to transform your basic clothes to model basic clothes; and that's exactly what he did!
Sports can't be more chic than this.
Neoprene has been a huge part of fashion trend for this past few seasons and it doesn't plan on going nowhere, according to those sweatshirts and trousers.
Without further ado, here's some of my favourites from the show.

All photos courtesy of H&M

I'm a fan of outdoor sports myself so when I saw this whole modern-sporty outfits, I can't help but to check my schedule and plan my visit to the nearest H&M after November 6. (But I'm currently in Korea so possibly, later than Nov. 6th)
I especially love the sport bra, sweatshirts and boxy leather jacket, but I might purchased anything they have in their Korea branch, including those gloves and hand wraps. (Because I do really need them)

Quoting from Style.com,
Wang has a nose for what’s happening on the street. Capitalizing on America’s obsession with fitness, he’s designed a collection of extreme workout clothes  
Smart move Mr. Wang, I'm sold.

Anyway, I can't believe it's been 4 months since my last post. I feel terribly awful for neglecting my blog for such a long time but this past few months have been the busiest yet, the most exciting months in my life so far. I'll probably write more about it on my next post (hopefully within this week).

Love, Andreina

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ultra Music Festival 2014 + Inspiring Blogger Award

For anyone who followed me on Instagram probably already knew that I went to Seoul again last week to Ultra Music Festival. I love EDM and Ultra is like one of the biggest EDM festival these days. When I heard that they're coming again to Korea this year, I surely can't miss it. (I missed last year because I wasn't legal yet last here in Korea).
This year lineup wasn't as awesome as last year's but still pretty good and I know that I'll regret it if I missed it so although we're still in our finals week, there we go!

Day 1 was pretty awesome and I loveeeee Above&Beyond even more!
And there, day 2 began.

I'm a fan of W&W and they're predictably my favourite act of the night ;)
The lighting was on fire though, the main "U" light and apparently that's the first time this kind of thing happened during any Ultra ever so they stopped W&W for few minutes there. (It kinda happened during Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour when they came to Indonesia so this isn't unheard of for me.)

Anyway, I can't post all my photos here because it would be too long haha so here's few others more!

Basically that was probably one of the best weekend in my life in Korea so far. Still below my "Avengers shooting" experience though.
3 days of literal Eat Sleep Rave Repeat! See you next year Ultra, wish I can go to the Miami one. Or even better, Tomorrowland!

Anyway, I got this "Inspiring Blogger Award" from my best friend Rosalina. Thank you so much dear <3
Basically I need to post 7 facts about me so, here it is!

7 Facts :

  1. Outside Indonesia, almost everyone call me "Reina" (from my middle name, Andreina)
  2. I used to be a dancer. Planning to dance again real soon ;)
  3. I'm Worship Team member in my church in Korea. No, it's not Korean church, it's International church for english speaker. 
  4. I'm a real deal procrastinator. Something I should be ashamed of really
  5. Moving Image Enthusiast. More well known as movie junkie, but I enjoy watching series too, Too much.
  6. I've never eaten salad and never thought I'd like it until my freshman year in college. Now, I can't live without it.
  7. GOD is everything for me.
There you go fellas! Have a nice weekend ;)

Love, Andreina

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kim Hyun Jin's Illustration Exhibition & The Mindy Project

Top - Something I found miraculously stranded inside my closet
Bottom - Thrifted
Shoes - 0618 STUDIO 
Bag - H&M
Necklace - Stradivarius

Last weekend I went to the opening of my professor's friend's illustration exhibition, KIM HYUN-JIN
Gosh I wish I'm half as good as her. 

I'm actually really addicted to "The Mindy Project" these days. Can't believe I never watch it until now. Mindy Kaling is like, my soul sister! She's funny and super amazing! It's really refreshing to watch someone who's not as lucky as most women in normal romantic comedy movies.
Sorry for blabbering all of sudden. You might be wondering, what is this "The Mindy Project" thing?
The Mindy Project is a romantic comedy series following Mindy Lahiri, an OB/GYN and her co-workers in small medical practice in Manhattan. Season 2 had just ended and I really can't wait for their third season. Yup, they got renewed, Yay!
Besides the amazing regular casts, they also got some seriously cool guest stars line up! Seth Meyers, James Franco, Seth Rogen, Maria Menounos, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, etc. and I really couldn't stop laughing when Kris Humphries made an appearance and poked fun at Kardashians and his former relation with them.
I highly recommend this series if you haven't watch it! :)

By the way, I'm coming back during summer break to Indonesia!! So excited! Let's have meet-up guys, I'll be in town from June 28th - August 13th, anyone? You can hit me up through my Facebook, twitter (@vqueengita), instagram (@gitaandreina)!

Love, Andreina

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Baseball Experience

Jacket - EXIT
Fringe Tees - DIY from bali tees
Jeans - Gaudi
Sling Bag - Pull & Bear
Heels - Forever 21

Just made my very first video that I've uploaded on my channel! My very first time watching baseball games live!
I have no baseball gear so this is my outfit for that day.
Sorry I've been MIA recently and I want to apologise in advance since I probably wouldn't write any new post in few weeks. You can always catching up with me on my instagram, @gitaandreina in case you missed me, or even if you don't haha.

Love, Andreina

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Best Day of My Life!

Yellow Blazer - Promod
White Tees - Lilou
White Shorts - Zara
Handbag - Mango
Flats - Somewhere in Bangkok

Thanks Nia for taking these photos ;) 

BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! At least so far, I guess. I have few reasons why, if you wanna know why, read this post through ;)
Last weekend, me and my friends went to Seoul for "certain" reason so this post is actually about out weekend getaway. 
I'm currently rewatching Gossip Girl so I'm really "Gossip-girl minded" (or Blair-Waldorf minded) nowadays so it's funny how me and my friend, Nia actually kinda dress up like Blair Waldorf and Jenny Humphrey unintentionally!
Just kidding. I mean, minus the body and the face of course, I'm nowhere near the queen. 
I like how I was kind of preppy and Nia was more romantic-ish rock chic. LOVE <33

We went to Itaewon, also known as foreigner-district in Seoul, to grab a lunch and we accidentally saw this poster at the subway station about this pie bakery called, Tartine. I've been craving for apple pie since forever and to finally found the legit american apple pie is awesome. We tried their Apple Pie and Chocolate Fudge Pie and boy, those are GOLD! Definitely gonna come back there.

In front of the Bakery

And this is the reason why we went to Seoul.


I know it probably sounds pretty crazy especially for people who know how far Seoul from Busan is and it's not cheap to go to Seoul. So I might sound really creepy (or crazy) for them.
But in my defense, it's probably my once in a lifetime chance to watch the filming of Avengers so up close and I'm such a huge fan of Marvel superheroes.

We went to Seoul with no high expectation, we thought that even if we can't see the filming up close, at least we tried because most of the filming locations are on the bridges so our chance was actually slim to none but we wanted to at least try. So we did.
And God bless us.
We saw Chris Evans.

I'm so speechless. I was freaking out inside!! I mean, it's FREAKING CHRIS EVANS!! At first we thought we only see Captain America's stunt double and even with that, we were already so happy and grateful but then we got informed that the guy in Captain America's suit was in fact, Chris Evans himself.

Plus the awesome day we've spent happily after finished watching the filming of Avengers.
Best Day Ever!

Credits to my friend, Cresti Palupi for the last photo.

You can also find me on my instagram, @gitaandreina
The "Jenny Humphfrey" @nia_nugroho 
The contributor of the last photo @crestipalupi
The awesome-blue-haired girl @hillybako

Love, Andreina